For people, who never have wallpaper earlier

So you have already made up your mind that you want to wallpaper your son’s room. However, you decided not to hire a specialist for that. I admit that they are quite high-priced. Specially that that service frequently costs more than just painting the room. But don’t trouble. You can do it by yourself. Definitely! Even if you haven’t done it till now and haven’t got earlier experience in doing it. Only believe in yourself!

boys room

Autor: Phil Manker

Firstly, you have to to pick a wallpaper. Why that should be first activity? Due to the fact that you will need different kind glue for particular kind of wallpaper. There are plenty of tips on that issue online. Just remember – there is no such thing as an general glue which would be suitable for each type of wallpaper. And even if you managed to find it, it will not be a useful one. You can choose either simple wallpaper or special mural. Ordinary wallpaper is often plain or have rather simple, repetitive patterns. Murals are much more creative – they often [resents large and complex pictures or photographs. Thus, if you are going to renovate walls, for example, in your son’s room, think about wall murals boys room. There are many different types with various pictures. I would suggest to look for wall murals sports or cars – Presently, the choice is really big. Presently, when you already bought glue as well as wallpaper or mural, it is moment for taking care of the wall.

sport wall mural


At, you should renovate minor defects you will see in the wall surface. After that, you need to prepare wall for wallpaper. There are many various products that you can use. They are easily available in shops. You need to take into consideration that if the wall has been earlier wallpapered or if there are any stains or mold, another type of product would be needed. Sadly, you must also strip off the old wallpaper. Eventually, it Is a time for wallpapering! The very specific instruction is usually attached to wallpapers or. I believe that you would manage to create a wonderful walls.